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elcome to – We are a full service web design firm offer a full range of services such as web hosting, search engine optimization, e-commerce design and hosting, and much more.

We develop highly creative up-to-date professional websites by some of the world’s best web design professionals. Our web designs are both eye-catching as well as functional. While we are not the cheapest firm out there we do feel that you get what you pay for in web design. We pride ourselves on customer service and service after the sale.

We also offer top quality hosting at affordable prices as well as search engine optimization to help your site stand out above your competitors. We encourage you to shop around and ask other design firms how many of their clients are ranked in the top 10 of the search engine rankings, then let us show you our impressive list of well ranked clients.

We all know that a good looking site is important, but forgetting the value of SEO is often what people do. The top 10 listings or first page of results receive about 75% of those visitors, declining to less than 5% from 20 – 30 or page three. This kinda of information should be more than sufficient reason to make use of the services that we offer here at Red Rock SEO  Employing the services of an SEO specialist like can help you:
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Increase the quality of your web visitors
  • Convert visitors into customers
  • Accelerate your ROI for every marketing buck spent

Don’t become another site lost in the wilderness of the internet, because a stand out business with a stand out SEO partner .

We are here to make SEO simple

We have designed the below packages to suit every budget.


  • 5 page Website
  • $ 9999One time
  • Up to 5 pages
  • Beautiful Design
  • SEO Included
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Business Logo
  • $ 1499one time
  • Basic backlink building
  • Get more traffic
  • All white hat
  • No Hidden fees
  • The SEO Works
  • $ 9999one time
  • Social bookmarks, backlinks +
  • 1000 facebook likes
  • Guaranteed Results
  • No Hidden Fees
  • All Inclusive Package
  • $ 22999monthly
  • Site Design, SEO, Social Media
  • Includes Hosting
  • We Do Everything For You
  • Page 1 or 2 of google


Google hit the web world with another penguin update a few weeks back with its 2.1 update and it broke the back of many websites that thought they had survived the last update. Even after two different rounds of this many site owners keep spamming links and adding thousands of links everyday. Google is not backing off this and they are going to continue to hit sites that are using these type of methods.

Now it is time to stop building thousands of links and focus on building quality links at a slower pace. Google wants to see contextual links now and now from article farms or blog comments. Make sure your on page SEO is done correctly and a site with good on page info and a few well placed contextual links will now out rank sites with thousands of spammy links. If you are using wordpress the plugin “All in One SEO” is a great plugin to do some on page SEO work.

So stop focusing on how many backlinks your competitor has and focus on getting your site in order and a few well placed links and you will see some good results.

Some very basic things you might miss.

Sometimes we get some hung up on complicated SEO work that we forget the basics. Here is a look at some basic SEO tips that you always need to start with.

  • Make sure your page titles are geared toward the keywords you want ranked for. This seems simple but everyday I see peoples sites with a odd title that has nothing to do with a term they are trying to rank well for.
  • Get a domain name with the keyword term you are going after. It is hard to find good domain names now but at least make sure it has your main keyword in the title even if you have to add other words to make sure you can find one that is not registered.
  • Write a different Meta description for each page. Make them unique but find a way to get your keywords in there.
  • Give each img a alt description. Make sure it has at least one keyword that you are tying to rank for as well.
  • Keep updating your site. Even a little content each day is a big help.

Careful who you hire!

They will promise you immediate search engine rankings. And if they promise you that then do not hire them. It is not that easy and if it was everyone would be top ranked. As the old saying goes if it is to good to be true it probably is and that can do permanent damage to your site.   And even if they do improve your rankings, it might be due to black-hat SEO, or other unfair means, which Google will eventually catch up to. Many so called SEO experts want to take short cuts to get your site ranked quickly and often times it works…for a short period of time. Then once they are paid Google catches up to their ways and your banned or dropped out of their search engine. Ask detailed questions about what they do and how they get your site ranked. Ask for references from long term clients.

First ask how long they have been doing SEO and then once you get that info ask for some clients that have used their services for more than 6 months. If they have none that is a good indication that they are not the best fit. SEO is like any other type of service. You get what you pay for so ask some tough questions before you trust your businesses online reputation to anyone.

What  bad SEO firms will do

It is a sad fact but there are probably more bad SEO firms that are just looking for short cuts than there are good ones. They will use a few of the tactics below to get links to your site. And while they might get your ranked well in the short term it will be short lived. Google and the other search engines quickly catch on to these methods and penalize your site.


  • Blog Comment Spam – Some blackhat SEO guys will use software that goes out and leaves comments on blogs that are either under your name (if they’re stupid), or under a fake name, The comment will have  a link back to your site. Their intent is to build a link to your site for the search engine to index and maybe generate a couple clicks on get some visitors. Google has really started to penalize sites that do this. It is considered spam and they are making a real effort to stop this type of unwanted marketing.
  • Article Spinning Marketing – This is where the marketer will use software to take a article someone else has wrote and change the wording around so it is unique and then they go out and post these poorly worded articles on article directories and spam blogs. Again, the intent is to build  back links to your website for search engine indexing. Not only will this hurt your rankings in the long run but it makes your site look like a a poor quality site because of the way the articles read.
  • Social Media Spam – This is where your so called SEO expert will use software that  goes out and sends tweets, friend requests, connects, status updates, shares, etc, on your sites behalf. This will get your accounts banned by many social networks. It also present your business in a poor light.